Technically it is Monday, so we are a few days late with this progress update, but we still wanted to publish it so that you know what has been going on in the world of Hash Rush.


Development Progress

On the development side, the developers continue their work with the much-needed load-optimisation and bug fixes. Account loading, in particular, was a big focus as we want to put all account issues deep in the alpha history books.  

A New Dev Blog

Wednesday saw us post a new dev blog, this time we focused on the PvE aspect of the game, and explained how the planet will react to the player. If this sounds familiar to you, it would be because the working PvE system is one of the major features that we need in the game before we go into beta (check out our beta readiness checklist here).


However, for this dev blog, we went into more detail explaining how each stage works, and what the player can expect. Check out the blog here.


Monsters of Hash Rush

Fresh from our developers, we have some fantastic new screenshots to share with you, and you guessed it, these images are the monsters that are in the game.  

First, we have the Fisher, a monster that we’re sure you are all very familiar with!   Next up is a monster that you may have seen in some of our trailers, but not in the game yet, the Forest Beast.   Deep in the dungeons, you would have encountered this monster, we call it the Splitter.   Another monster that you may have encountered in the dungeons is the Slasher.   And finally we come to the boss of all the crystal-powered monsters, the Crystal Titan  

That’s it for the round-up from the last week, we hope that you’ve enjoyed the new information and the new images!


This Wednesday we’re back to our Lore Spotlight series, we’ll have something special for you there!