Lore Spotlight - Ernack Heroes

This week’s Lore Spotlight article is ready, bringing you an insight into the lore found in Hash Rush and the Hermeian Galaxy.


Last week we introduced the third future playable race in Hash Rush, the Highborn of Eldaria. Highly skilled in the arcane arts and blessed with naturally long life, the Highborn elves were one of the most reclusive races in the Hermeian Galaxy. But like all of the race in the Hermeian Galaxy, the Crypto Crystal Storm changed them. Interested in finding out how? Read more in last week’s edition!


For this week, we have something special. We are returning to the Ernacks and will be introducing some all new units and the lore behind them.


So without further ado, let’s welcome the Ernack Heroes!


In total there are three Ernack Heroes, and we will be introducing a new hero every week.

Farion - Shatterer of Mountains

Before the Crypto Crystal Storm, Farion was the head of the Trinell Citadel Guard, an elite force, stationed within the Cryptonian Citadel and who were sworn to protect the Trinell people. With the Citadel at its heart, the city of Cryptonia had long served as the capital of the Trinell people. To this day, the sector of the Hermiean Galaxy that the Trinell occupied is known as the Cryptonian sector.


Farion gained the title of ‘Shatterer of Mountains’ during the Lone Tower rebellion led by Arhan the Monstrous. The Lone Tower was a fortress located out of the city and served as Arhan’s seat of command. Arhan sought to destroy the Citadel, then use the power of the mystical artifact known as the Braces of Crypar to rule Crytptonia and declare war on the other sectors in the Hermeian Galaxy.


In what was to be the final battle, Farion met Arhan on the battlefield and challenged him to single combat. Some stories say that Farion withstood over 10 consecutive blows from Arhans Greatsword, then as if he were possessed, countered right before the 11th blow, leaping at Arhan with his hammer raised high. With a ferocious scream, Farion landed the finishing blow, shattering Arhans armor and the ground on which he stood, thus ending the rebellion and earning him the title of Shattered of Mountains.


When the Crypto Storm happened, Farion moved quickly to lead the people of Cryptonia to safety, but as the energy shield protecting the city began to fail, a great Crystal shard landed near Farion, causing the ground to cave in, swallowing him into the abyss. Farion fell into one of the city’s deepest sub-levels and quickly realized that the escape route was blocked by the Crystal Shard. Unwilling to give up, Farion grabbed his hammer and shield and ventured deeper into the abyss.


After wandering through many hallways, all damaged by the Crystal storm, Farrion realized that he was trapped, and unable to return to the surface to help his suffering people. With that realization, a great rage boiled within Farion and he lashed out at the Crystals in a futile attempt to destroy them. Ultimately, he was unable to put a dent in them and passed out from exhaustion.


How long Farion lay there, unconscious, we do not know, but in that time the power of the Crystals worked their corruption into Farion and he began the same devolution that plagued all of the surviving Trinell. There he stayed, trapped by the Crystals and by his own armor, now several sizes too large for him, until the Traveller happened to pass by, looking for survivors of the catastrophe. With surprising ease, the Traveller first shattered the Crystal that had trapped Farion, then freed him from the weight of his once proud armor.


After being freed, Farion gradually regained his consciousness and awoke. Realizing that he had lost all concept of time he begged the Traveller to tell him what fate befell the Trinell and the city of Cryptonia, and also what had happened to his body, as it had changed beyond recognition. After learning of everything that happened, Farion remained silent, shocked by the devolution of his race.


But though Farion’s body had changed, his will power and heart remained. Using his now giant cloak as a sack for his oversized armor and weapons, he followed the Traveller back to the surface. Upon returning to the surface, Farion saw the devastation first hand and his greatest fear was realized, the Trinell race was no more.

As Farion and the Traveller explored the ruins of Cryptonia Farion noticed something in the distance and the flames of hope were ignited. The spire of the Lone Tower was visible on the horizon, meaning that by some miracle, the Lone Tower had been spared destruction.


With his mind made up, Farion pointed out the Tower to the Traveller, who nodded and understood Farion’s intentions. Farion needed to find peace and strengthen his resolve before he could join him in rebuilding Cryptonia. Within the Lone Tower, Farion noticed that other beings that resembled what he now looked like had been using it as a shelter, but upon seeing his armor and great hammer, they quickly scattered into the fog, clearly afraid of his presence.


Though Farion was still processing his grief, the Traveller had told him of the danger posed by the Crystal Scourge, so when Farion arrived at the Lone Tower, he immediately set to work reshaping his weapon and armor and trained himself for the fights to come.