Welcome to the first edition of our bi-weekly progress update. In this new article series, we will be sharing our progress with you, giving you an insight into what we are working on and a round up of what we’ve completed in the last two weeks.


Re-organizing the Hash Rush team

If in the last few weeks you’ve noticed a bit of a revival in the energy from the Hash Rush team, you’d be completely right. Though developing the game is a marathon, not a sprint, we’ve recently re-organized our development structure to follow two-week sprints. This is perfect for everyone, as it means that at the end of every sprint we are able to summarize what we’ve worked on and let you all know!


After all, we’re sure that you’re all eager to get as much Hash Rush information as possible!


Lore Spotlight


This article series started back in February and has proven to be really popular with the community. Because of that, we’ve started to expand on it, not only talking about the existing lore, but also using it as an opportunity to introduce new units, ideas, and characters to the world of Hash Rush.


After introducing the Marauders three weeks ago, it was only logical for us to introduce The Highborn of Eldaria, a once reclusive race of elves possessing extraordinary long life. How did the Crypto Crystal Storm affect the Elves? Learn more in our article over on Medium!


With both the Marauders and the Highborn of Eldaria fully announced, we turned back to the Ernacks. This time, we used the opportunity to introduce an entirely new concept to the game, Heroic Characters, namely the Ernack Heroes!


In total, there are three Ernack Heroes:

  • Farion — The Shatterer of Mountains, aka the Crystal Shield
  • Carax — The Invoker, aka The Conjurer
  • Melighar — The Arcane Whisperer, aka the Grand Mage.

Our first Lore Spotlight on the Ernack Heroes introduced Farion, we explored his history as the leader of the Citadel Guard before the Crypto Crystal Storm, and how he reacted to the destruction and de-evolution of the Trinell people. Read the full tale of Farion here.  


Tales from Development


Keeping the best for last, you now get to learn about what the Hash Rush development team has been working on.


During the last two weeks, we have taken a long and hard look at our combat system and decided that it needed a major overhaul. Our existing code made it very hard for us to add new features and we realized that we were missing a lot of core RTS functionality in regards to combat.


So after discussion of RTS combat systems and behaviors, our CCO Rob Nicholls and the developers at TSG! Have settled on a new system that is now being developed


You’ll have to wait for our next bi-weekly update for more information on this combat system (along with an all new dev blog that explores it) but some teasers that we can give you now are:

  • All new unit formations and behaviors, controllable by the player
  • Better combat animations and movement
  • Better reactions and feedback while in combat
  • An improved Fear/Scared mechanic
  • An all-new monster that can scare your units, even if they are in the light

And with that, we come to the end of our first bi-weekly round-up! Are you looking forward to next week’s edition already? We sure hope so and will see you again soon!