Lore Spotlight: The Marauders

We’re back with another spotlight on the Hash Rush lore. Previously we had explored some of the creatures that inhabit the Hermian galaxy, from the noble Rakken to the malevolent Crystal Titan.


For this edition, we are going to take a long overdue look at one of the future playable factions in Hash Rush, the Marauders.


So without further ado, let’s begin!


Friday Progress Update - Playing with Monsters

Technically it is Monday, so we are a few days late with this progress update, but we still wanted to publish it so that you know what has been going on in the world of Hash Rush.


Development Progress

On the development side, the developers continue their work with the much-needed load-optimisation and bug fixes. Account loading, in particular, was a big focus as we want to put all account issues deep in the alpha history books.  


Hash Rush - Looking to the Beta

Looking to the Hash Rush Beta


Over the last few months Hash Rush has been coming together really well and it has been a lot of fun to see our community react to the new features that we are adding to the game. However, in the quest for a good beta launch, we are constantly looking at what is needed in order to give you all the proper Hash Rush experience. After a long look at our progress, we still feel that additional features and elements of polish are needed before we can officially start the Hash Rush beta.

Creating the Ursara

Hash Rush is celebrating 100 years of Lativa by hosting a special event in the game, and for this week’s dev blog we are going to take a look at how we created the main opponent that our players have to face, the Ursara.

The Ursara Backstory

At the very beginning, there was the Halloween event. Though it has a rough start, ultimately it was a successful and fun event, but we knew that for the 100 years of Latvia event, it would need some fine-tuning and a bit of an upgrade.


Something Spooky is Coming to Hash Rush

It’s that time of year; we’re dusting off our costumes, gearing up to carve some pumpkins and looking forward to a spooky Halloween. But this year, something special is also coming to a computer screen near you… Hash Rush is bringing Halloween to the Hermian galaxy, and we’ve got some spooky treats and some devilish tricks just waiting for you to explore.