Hash Rush - ベータに向けて

Hash Rush ベータに向けて


ここ数カ月間、Hash Rushは本当にうまくいっていて、コミュニティがゲームに追加した新しい機能に反応するのを見るのはとても楽しかったです。しかし、良質のベータ版の発売を目指して、さらに素晴らしいHash Rush体験をユーザーに届けるために必要なことを常に探しつづけています。ゲームの進捗を長い間見てきましたが、Hash Rushベータを正式に公開する前に、まだ追加するべき機能や磨き上げるべき要素があると感じています。


公開が遅れている主な原因は、Hash Rushがゲームプレイ、テーマ、スタイルにおいて非常にユニークで、非常に野心的なプロジェクトであるからです。これは私たちにとって大きな強みですが、最初のゲームの計画をもっと多くの注意を払う必要があり、さらにまだだれも足を踏み入れたことのない道を進むように開発をすすめることを意味しています。 Hash Rushは、先駆者であることに誇りを持っています。

Lore Spotlight: The Marauders

We’re back with another spotlight on the Hash Rush lore. Previously we had explored some of the creatures that inhabit the Hermian galaxy, from the noble Rakken to the malevolent Crystal Titan.


For this edition, we are going to take a long overdue look at one of the future playable factions in Hash Rush, the Marauders.


So without further ado, let’s begin!


Hash Rush Progress Update

It’s time for another Hash Rush progress update. You might have noticed that we’ve been a little quiet during the last week; that is because we have been working on a larger dev blog that explores some totally new features, and how we use them to make good on a promise from our initial ICO. You can expect the article to go live later this week, so stay tuned for more!


Lore Spotlight: The Crystal Titan

It’s time for another Lore Spotlight, where we take a look at the Hash Rush lore.


In our last Lore Spotlight, we looked at the Rakken and their long history with the Ernacks. For this edition we are going to look at the other side; the side of the Crystal Scourge and the monstrous creature at the heart of it all, known as the Crystal Titan.


Friday Progress Update - Playing with Monsters

Technically it is Monday, so we are a few days late with this progress update, but we still wanted to publish it so that you know what has been going on in the world of Hash Rush.


Development Progress

On the development side, the developers continue their work with the much-needed load-optimisation and bug fixes. Account loading, in particular, was a big focus as we want to put all account issues deep in the alpha history books.