Lore Spotlight: The Raken

Welcome to our newest series of articles, ‘Lore Spotlight’. Join us as we explore the Hermeian Galaxy and dive into the lore and history of the various characters, races, creatures (and more) that help drive the story of Hash Rush.


For the first article, we are going to take a look at the ‘Raken’, so without further ado, let’s begin!


The Raken



Hash Rush - Looking to the Beta

Looking to the Hash Rush Beta


Over the last few months Hash Rush has been coming together really well and it has been a lot of fun to see our community react to the new features that we are adding to the game. However, in the quest for a good beta launch, we are constantly looking at what is needed in order to give you all the proper Hash Rush experience. After a long look at our progress, we still feel that additional features and elements of polish are needed before we can officially start the Hash Rush beta.



ラトビア100周年を記念してHash Rushではゲーム内でスペシャルイベントを開催します。今週の開発ブログではプレーヤーが直面することになる強力な敵、ウルサラについて解説していきます。






Creating the Ursara

Hash Rush is celebrating 100 years of Lativa by hosting a special event in the game, and for this week’s dev blog we are going to take a look at how we created the main opponent that our players have to face, the Ursara.

The Ursara Backstory

At the very beginning, there was the Halloween event. Though it has a rough start, ultimately it was a successful and fun event, but we knew that for the 100 years of Latvia event, it would need some fine-tuning and a bit of an upgrade.



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2018年11月18日、ラトビアは建国100周年の記念日を迎えます。Hash Rushがラトビアを拠点としていることから、お祝いに参加してゲーム内で特別なイベントを開催します。






Hermeian Halloween: Introducing Bounty Challenges and Skins






今回Hash Rushが作成したスキンのプレビューをこちらのビデオでご覧ください。


Hermeian Halloween: Introducing Bounty Challenges and Skins

Voyagers; welcome to our first post-event write up! 


To celebrate Halloween with our players we launched our first ever in-game event. While the event had two parts both with unique rewards, what made this extra special was the fact that it was our first competitive test of the Bounty Campaign feature. This meant that players could finally use Crystals to compete with other players and win unique prizes.