It’s time for another Hash Rush progress update. You might have noticed that we’ve been a little quiet during the last week; that is because we have been working on a larger dev blog that explores some totally new features, and how we use them to make good on a promise from our initial ICO. You can expect the article to go live later this week, so stay tuned for more!




We’ve begun re-working the Hash Rush website and article pages, with the first updates, live now.


Starting with the articles. We have heavily updated our Medium presence and will be using that platform as our primary news outlet. Be sure to check us out here.


Our website is also receiving some tender loving care, and we are in the process of reworking the pages, with the first of the new pages now released.


Check out our updated Homepage and Game Information pages. We are also working on some entirely new pages that will cover Bounty Campaigns and RUSH Coin.


Game Development


On the game development front, our task in optimising the game and making it more user-friendly continues. Our developers are now focusing on the update process, entirely reworking the system so that we can push out updates faster, and also to help prevent corruption on the player’s side when they update the game.

That’s all for this update report, we will be back with our large dev blog later this week. Thank you all for being a part of the Hash Rush Community!