The festive season is almost upon us and you can get in the mood and celebrate with Hash Rush by playing in our special event!


The Christmas and New Year event will start today (21st of December) and last until the 4th of January!

The Christmas and New Year Event

Like our previous events, the Christmas event will consist of an in-game challenge, a Bounty Challenge and a Social Media contest! In addition, the planet has been entirely re-skinned. So sit back, enjoy the snowy planet and have fun with our new event!


The in-game event is a combination of our previous events - an item (present) hunt and a monster hunt contest.


The Present Hunt

This season the Traveller and some of his closest Ernack companions have taken the role of Santa and the helper elfs. However, a snowstorm has scattered the presents over the planet. The Traveller is now appealing to the player, find and collect the presents from the planet and you will recieve a rewards!

  • 7 Presents: White Skin
  • 22 Presents: Green Skin
  • 50 Presents: Red Skin
  • 100 Presents: Elf Outfit
  • 175 Presents: Red/Green Skin
  • 250 Presents: Santa Outfit
  • 300 Presents: Cat Ears, Dog Ears, Bunny Ears

The White Ursara Hunt

The Ursaras have adapted to the cold weather and the color of their fur is now white. These giant bears are once again roaming the planet and pose a threat to all present hunting Ernacks! Therefore, in the quest to reclaim all the lost presents, the Traveller has announced a new bounty for the Ursara pelts!

  • 7 Ursara = Pink Skin
  • 22 Ursara = Green/Red Skin
  • 50 Ursara = Bear Ears
  • 100 Ursara = Tiger Skin
  • 175 Ursara = Bear/Antler Face
  • 225 Ursara = Bearslayer Sword/Shield

The Bounty Challenge

During the Christmas event, we are going to be running three Bounty Challenges that will test each player and see just how many Crystals they can gather. The prizes and duration of the Bounty Challenges are as follows:


Challenge 1 (Dec 21-Dec 25)

Master: Purple Skin Grandmaster: White/Pink Skin Epic: Tiger Skin Legendary: Bunny Ears  

Challenge 2 (Dec 26-Dec 30)

Master: Orange Skin Grandmaster: White/Green Skin Epic: Cheetah Skin Legendary: Cat Ears  

Challenge 3 (Dec 31-Jan 4)

Master: Gray Skin Grandmaster: White/Red Skin Epic: Giraffe Skin Legendary: Dog Ears  

Social Media Challenge

Finally, we have the Social Media challenge! Like our past challenges, please visit our Twitter page and follow the instructions there.


The contest will ask for players to post pictures of their Ernacks in various skins using a specific hashtag, we will then choose select 5-10 (depending on the number of entries) as random winners. The prize for this event will be a snow-covered Ursara Statue (only available as an in-game prize).