Founder’s Update – 3 August 2018

Greetings to everyone in the Hash Rush community!

We’re now past the half-way mark of the year and have just reached our biggest milestone to date: the launch of our live alpha! We hope you enjoy this update as well as the big announcements below.


Alpha went live on the 31st July

Our team has been laser-focused on this goal since pre-alpha ended, and we are really excited to see people playing our alpha. The response to our signups was truly humbling as we smashed through our goal in the first 48 hours, and doubled the number of players we’re granting access to a grand total of 2,000. Thanks to everyone who signed up and we can’t wait to hear what you think!


Please understand that the goal of the alpha is to test functionality; it’s not a representation of how all things will be in the final version of the game. It’s an alpha, so there will be bugs. Keep a close eye on your email inboxes for instructions on how to complete your registration!


Game Combat Mechanics

As well as being able to play the game, we know that there are many people out there that simply want to know how the game works! For that reason, we released a special dev blog that will dive into how combat works in Hash Rush, check it out on our brand new blog.


Beta announce/signup changes to the beta

Yes, we’re ready to officially announce that we will be running a closed beta testing phase which will include blockchain integration and cryptocurrency payouts! The plan is to go live on 28 September 2018 to a maximum of 10,000 players and test out the core elements of the game as well as our player reward pool. We’re constantly growing our mining farm to increase the payouts available, and are on track to offer up to $30,000 worth of ETH payouts in beta. We will have much more to share about the beta test in the coming months, but for now, if you want to participate, sign up!


New website launched

We’re also very happy to have relaunched our website with many new features, an updated aesthetic, hosting our blog here (so our Medium presence is going to get phased out), ZenDesk integration for our customer support and ticket integration, more details about the game and the various factions, and many other features. We hope you enjoy the new site!


Roadmap going live

Today we are also publishing our major milestones for the remainder of this year.  The major points are:

31 July 2018: Launch our alpha testing phase
28 September 2018: Alpha ends, and we launch the beta
19 December 2018: Beta ends, and Hash Rush launches in early access
Q2 2019: The Marauders are added to the game
Q3 2019: The Highborn Elves are added
Q3 2019: Hash Rush launches on mobile
Q4 2019:  We release PVP combat

With the current timeline, we’re all set to launch the Ernacks faction as planned in December after tweaks and adjustments we make from the alpha and beta tests. Please visit the full roadmap page which will be a live roadmap keeping you updated as soon as we have more announcements.


Live events for the remainder of the year
It’s a busy few months ahead as we take Hash Rush on the road to a range of events across Europe and Asia:


15-16 August – Blockchain Futurist Conference, Canada
21-25 August – Gamescom, Germany
11-12 September – Blockchain Gamer Connects, Finland
20-23 September – EGX, England
20-23 September – Tokyo Game Show, Japan
25-26 September – Blockchain Game Summit, France


Check out our previous blog about upcoming events if you missed it!


Thank you

A huge thanks to all of you who have made this possible! It’s an honour to be building the first game to combine crypto mining and real-time strategy and are really excited for what the rest of the year holds.

– Kris & Nathan, Hash Rush Co-Founders

  1. Alvin

    Kudos to Team Hash Rush!

  2. victor charles

    When is RC going to be added to a major crypto exchange? we the investors are looking for liquidity. We’ve been patient for over a year but would like clarity on this.

  3. Derek Chok

    i can’t seem to log into the client! somebody please help! =(

  4. Kris Vaivods

    Hi Victor Charles! RUSH coin will go live on exchanges on the 3rd December 2018. More detailed info is coming soon.

  5. Some Dude

    I’m a little confused about the early access part. I learned about the game at Gamescom which just ended and there I was told the game would be free to play. I’m also confused that I will have to create an ethereum wallet, that was not mentioned to me, too.

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