The Utility of RUSH Coin

Now that our RUSH Coin Token Sale whitelisting is live, we’d like to present a deeper dive into the utility of the ERC-20 token underpinning our game.


The Economics of RUSH Coin


Using RUSH coin as the in-game economies currency and facilitating trade on third-party marketplaces allows for two of the three key foundational economic principles of a currency being satisfied – namely, as a medium of exchange and unit of account (establishing price). The third principle, a store of value, is satisfied where holders of the coin are expected to realize a positive long-term return as a result of a limited supply and constantly increasing demand from both gamers and traders on third-party exchanges.

Below are seven primary functions that RUSH Coin will provide.
1. RUSH Coin is the Hash Rush in-game currency
We’re one of the first tokens to be used as an in-game currency, meaning that what was once simply ‘gold’ or ‘credits’ in traditional games is now an ERC-20 token with a real world value. Thus, when you earn RUSH, trade resources, complete quests, craft and sell NFTs or any other actions involving RUSH Coin, you know that your in-game actions reward you with something that has actual value.
2. Trade in-game assets on third-party marketplaces
When Hash Rush launches in late December, our partners at OPSkins will allow buying and selling of our game assets using RUSH Coin on their platform. We’re also in talks now regarding other such opportunites, but we can’t reveal more until we’ve signed on the dotted line.
3. In-game P2P trading on the Hash Rush marketplace
As RUSH Coin is the in-game currency, it has utility as a medium of exchange and as such is also what underpins player-to-player trade.
4. P2P transfers via RUSH Network
As our proprietary second layer solution, the RUSH Network allows gasless transactions between players thanks to its custom sidechain. Players can use RUSH to pay for these transactions when a fee would be incurred. For more information read our detailed RUSH Network introductory blog.
5. Purchase premium features from VZ Games
The Hash Rush premium upgrade is anticipated to last for a one-month period and grant the player the limited-time in-game benefits such as lower Galaxy Taxes (lower fees on trades/transactions), personalization of items and units in the game, larger storage limits, advanced consumeables and much more. As a paid upgrade, RUSH Coin holders will be able to use their tokens to make this purchase.
6. Masternode staking
VZ Games are in discussion with a partner that will allow players to use RUSH Coin to buy in to and thus enjoy passive income from shared masternodes. We’ll publish full details once agreements are signed!
7. Paying RUSH Mining Pool fees
In Q3 2019 we will be launching the RUSH Miner and open mining pool, and instead of the small % of mined cryptocurrency paid as fees for the use of the pool, Hash Rush players will be able to pay these fees in RUSH instead.



As always, if you have any questions about RUSH Coin or Hash Rush in general, feel free to join our Discord and ask one of the team!

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