Founder’s Update – 28 August

Greetings to the Hash Rush community!

The past few weeks have been a real roller coaster ride for the team with the launch of alpha, hosting a booth at gamescom, designing new key art, refreshing our website and launching the RUSH Coin Token Sale!


Since alpha began we have received a ton of great, constructive feedback from both gamers and crypto enthusiasts. We would like to say a huge thank you to all who are participating in the alpha testing! Many of you have enjoyed the look and feel of the game all the while reporting some minor issues that our team fixed very quickly. Thanks also for the larger feedback which we are taking into consideration as we plan for the upcoming $30,000 closed beta!


We also revealed that we will be running the RUSH Coin Token Sale and have opened up the whitelisting process – please head over and check it out!


You may have noticed our new artwork spreading its way across our website and soon to appear on all our social channels as well. A big thanks to the very talented team at Volta who worked tirelessly with the VZ Games art team to produce our new defining image:



In terms of what the game design team are focusing on, right now the top priority is to get the Marketplace and Reward Pool functionality ready for beta. During beta we will be introducing new units, buildings, quests and other quality of life features. One of the largest tasks that Nathan and the design team will be working on is the implementation of new blockchain content for the game through NFT’s (non-fungible tokens).


These NFTs will come in the form of cards that players will be able to trade with other players or even send to another game, so that what they can be used as entirely different items in other games. This is truly exciting and we can’t wait to share more details in the upcoming development weeks. Have a look at our blog about NFTs if you missed it the first time around.



While on the topic of blogs, our CFO and Game Economist Jethro penned some words about the Utility of RUSH Coin for those of you interested in the ERC-20 token that serves as the main in-game currency in Hash Rush. He’s identified seven key areas of utility and we’re looking forward to seeing the token getting some real use later this year.


Jethro also did us proud at the recent Blockchain Futurist Conference in Toronto, Canada, where he presented Hash Rush to a panel of judges (not to mention a hall full of investors) – and ended up bringing home the prize for Best Pitch & Tech Demo after showing off Hash Rush in action!


If you’re keen to see more of the great talent behind our project, please have a look at our newly added Team page. From our blockchain devs at VZ Chains to the mining farm operators at VZ Mining, through to the brilliant and dedicated team at development studio Tractor Set GO!, we’re incredibly proud of the people bringing the vision of Hash Rush to reality.



That’s about it for this Founder’s Update, but to end off we wanted to send a quick note of appreciation to everyone who has supported this project so far. Hash Rush couldn’t be where it is without you! Please keep enjoying the alpha, and we really look forward to seeing you all in the beta next month!

Kris & Nathan

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