Earn up to 1000 RUSH in our Bounty Campaign!

We’re excited to announce that our bounty campaign is now live. We’re offering YOU an opportunity to receive the recognition that YOU deserve in the world of crypto!


We’ll be compensating successful quality participation in our bounty campaign, where you will help us — to raise awareness; unite crypto-game enthusiasts, and to most importantly — grow our community of eager crypto gamers!

Here is how to sign up and qualify as a bounty hunter:


  1. Join our Telegram Group and Discord; these will be the primary locations for communication with us regarding the bounty campaign.
  2. Be sure to follow our social networks, this doesn’t count as an entry — but we’ll be posting regularly regarding the campaign and showing off amazing content received.

That’s all! From here, we want to see what content you can create, as such we’ve given you three categories.




The first category is Video, so this is one for all you content creators on YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer (other platforms are also welcome!). Also, for those of you looking to record in-game footage without access to our alpha — please request this via Discord and we’ll set you up to play.



Secondly is Editorial content in the form of articles, blogs etc — we have a minimum word count of 350 words and a few rules surrounding this also. Again, those looking for access to the alpha, please join our discord and request this via the assigned channel.



Last, but not least we have the “wildcard” category, this is where we want to see what you can do to spread the word about our RUSH Coin Token Sale in a creative way, we’ll be assessing all of these on a case-by-case basis with exceptional entries transcending the 1000 RUSH reward.



To read more and enter our bounty campaign you can check our our bounty page


We will update the bounty scores weekly, in a dedicated spreadsheet (link available via the bounty page). Don’t worry, we won’t share any other information other than the ETH address and your reward thus far.



If you want to read more about Hash Rush and the game, go to our websitefollow our blogjoin our newsletter or talk to us on Discord!

  1. Firsov Alex

    Cool game!!!!!! I love you Blockchain !!!!!

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7 hours ago
So cute!! 😊

Got this little Ernack at Tokyo Game Show from our fans!

Hash Rush has the best fans ever! ❤️❤️

#hashrush #fans #cute #figurine https://t.co/YtRX2tJZvQ
PlayHashRush photo
11 hours ago
As always...
One person doing the work and two "assessing" 🙄

#hashrush #work #woodworking https://t.co/Pa7MmuiMeo
PlayHashRush photo
14 hours ago
Wow, what's the commotion at the barracks this morning?
Ernacks in queue before they're even open! 😮

#hashrush #barracks #screenshot #queue https://t.co/gHTAC9mEWs
PlayHashRush photo
2 days ago
Thought the lantern would make the stump less creepy.

I was wrong 😂

#hashrush #stump #lantern #creepy https://t.co/DyFNhxnjJj
PlayHashRush photo
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