Delaying the Hash Rush Beta

Today, we are announcing that the start of the Hash Rush beta will be delayed to December 2018. We know that you will be disappointed as there has been a lot of excitement around Hash Rush and finally experiencing how blockchain technologies can interact with an RTS game, so we will give you a bit of insight into why we have decided to delay the game.


Ultimately, the decision was made so that we do not release a ‘bad’ beta with features that we have promised missing from the game.


Throughout the summer we have been running an alpha version, and have also toured the world attending both gaming and blockchain conventions. While the reaction from everyone has been extremely positive, we received a lot of valuable feedback that showed us that we had to put further work into the game. Unfortunately, this has meant that we have fallen behind on core features of the game, such as Combat, the Marketplace and the Bounty Challenges.


So, instead of releasing a beta that has further missing and incomplete features, we are going to leave the game in the alpha stage and take more time to refine the game and complete the missing features before we go into beta.


While we do understand that this is not an ideal situation for us, it is still well within the nature of a game’s development cycle. The alpha stage (that we are in now) is where key gameplay and functionality is implemented and should end only when the game reaches a feature complete stage. The beta will then continue where the developers focus on fixing bugs and further polishing the game. You can learn more about a game’s development cycle here.


This is why we’ve had to move the start of the beta to December 2018. We are going to take the extra time to polish and complete the combat system and implement the Marketplace and Bounty Challenge into the game. Finally, because of the delay, we are going to make the alpha open to everyone, you’ll notice the restrictions being lifted soon.


Everyone in the Hash Rush team wishes to thank you all for your continued passion and support and we look forward to seeing you play a completed beta in December. As always, if you have any questions for us, join us on Discord or Telegram and we’ll be happy to help and answer you.

-The Hash Rush Team

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