Hash Rush Development Update

Welcome to the first edition of the Hash Rush development update. We are going to round up all of the news from the last week, along with giving you an insight into how the development of Hash Rush has been going.


So without further ado, let’s begin!


News Roundup

The two main talking points from last week were the launch of our Indiegogo campaign and the update applied to our live alpha.

Crowdfunding via Indiegogo

We recently started our crowdfunding campaign, launching on Indiegogo. If you are a fan of the game then consider visiting our page and backing us. As a thank you for your support, we are offering backers some special items as perks that include in-game items, digital items, physical items, and even the opportunity to design a part of the game!


If you are a fan of Hash Rush, please consider backing us on Indiegogo

Updating the Alpha

Our latest update (v204) was the largest update that we’ve ever deployed to Hash Rush. This update introduced a lot of new features and bugfixes that we hope will help you enjoy the game even more!

If you want to learn more about our latest update, check out the Troggs, Ore, and more article on our website!


That’s all for the roundup section, now lets dive into the exciting world of development news from Hash Rush!


News from the Dev Team

Now that we’re done with the recap, let’s dive into the interesting part, all the latest from the Hash Rush development team!

In the last week, the development team have been working on: an updated hunger system, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and custom skins for Hash Rush, and an all-new feature that will allow you to view the planets of other players in the game!

New Hunger System


We felt the food and hunger system is an important feature of Hash Rush. However, we felt that the current implementation needs improvement as it does not give the players much to worry about when playing the game. The player just needs to ensure that they have a constant supply of food in their inventory and can then forget about it.



Our Game Designer, Rob Nicholls, has spent some time redesigning the food and hunger system to make it more intuitive, working on everything from UI elements, how the units require food, and how the negative effects are applied to the units.


So what can you expect to find in the new hunger system?


On the UI front, the re-design will make the system a lot easier to understand. Hunger will now scale from 0 to 100, with 0 meaning not hungry at all, and 100 indicating that the unit is starving. Furthermore, the icon that is displayed above a unit when they are hungry has will be changed from a plate and fork to an empty bowl of food.


Now we come to changes made to how each unit eats food.. The main change is that different units will now eat a different amount of food over a period of time. For example, basic combat units will need to eat more than workers, mounted combat units will need more food more than basic combat units, and finally, the Troggs will consume the most amount of food.


The main reason behind his change is to put food management into the forefront of the player’s thoughts when training new units.


Non Fungible Tokens and Skins

A big part of Hash Rush is the use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to power our items, and we are excited to tell you that this week our blockchain development team have started work on the first NFTs for Hash Rush. These first tokens will be used to grant players custom skins, altering the colour and appearances of the player’s units and buildings.



NFTs will only be used when Hash Rush enters the beta phase (in December), however, we are going to be using the public alpha to test how the skins work. Once the skins exist in the game, we will make use of our marketplace to introduce simulated tokens that players can activate, granting them the unique skins.


Players will receive the NFT which can then activate them in Hash Rush to grant their units a unique skin


Do note that the skins deployed in the alpha will be wiped when the beta starts. After the beta starts, players will be able to buy skins through the marketplaces of our various partners, such as OpenSea.

Visiting other players

Directly linked to the development of skins, we are now working on a feature that will allow players to visit the planets belonging to other people. After all, a player that has a unique skin may want to easily display them to their fellow players.


So how will this work? Firstly, it will be an opt-in feature, so you can choose whether or not to allow other players to view your planet. If you do opt in, your planet will be put on a list which everyone in the game can access, if a player wishes to view your planet, all they have to do is search for your account. Don’t worry, other players will only be able to view your planet, nothing else.



And that’s it for this first roundup, we hope that you’ve enjoyed learning what is going on behind the scenes. Do remember that everything that all of the news coming from the development side is heavily work in progress and will take a while before you find them in the game. We’ll be back next Monday with our next edition!

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