OpenSea Partnership and NFTs

Hash Rush Partnership with OpenSea

Today we are pleased to announce our partnership with OpenSea, the world’s largest digital marketplace for crypto collectables.


By partnering with OpenSea our players will be able to trade Hash Rush cards outside of the game, and in a safe and trusted environment.


If you need a recap of what Hash Rush Cards are, and what their use will be within the game, please check out our article that talks about Non-Fungible Tokens in Hash Rush.



With this partnership news, we are also excited to announce that the first Hash Rush Cards (these are all Non-Fungible Tokens/NFTs) will be on sale VERY soon, and will be exclusively available on the OpenSea marketplace.


These Hash Rush cards will provide the players with limited edition skins, that range from outfit changes to special textures.



Players will receive the skin card, which can then be activated in the game to activate the skin



If you are a fan of our game please consider backing us on Indiegogo and help us make Hash Rush a reality!

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