Halloween Event – Patch Notes v210

With the release of the Halloween Event, we also deployed an update to the game, the full patch notes are as follows:

Build 210
Update Date: 27.10.2018
Accessory cards now have a toggle: drag into the card slot once to activate, drag again to deactivate
Added the Halloween Event
Changed the planet background music for the duration of the Halloween event
Made inventory slots smaller
Added skins and icons to the game
Add skin cards
Added final duo colour materials to Ernack Skins
Added individual unit skin/tool skin/accessory feature
Added Tool Cards.
Added Shields, Swords, Flag and Animal Accessories
Added Tiger, Crocodile, Giraffe materials to Ernacks. Added Bunny, Cat, Dog Ears to Worker Eracks
Add mouth sockets to units, required for special accessories
Add accessory system, unit & tool skinning system
Updated swordsman rim colour to white
Added system for applying unit skins with cards.
Major camera improvement in order to fix on a specific pole and have tilting at max zoom
Added the healer unit, trainable in the Barracks
Fixed an issue where the unit health display in the bottom bar did not round the unit’s current health to an integer value
Fixed an issue where the units’ fear level would still increase even if the fog was disabled

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