Hermeian Halloween: Introducing Bounty Challenges and Skins

Voyagers; welcome to our first post-event write up! 


To celebrate Halloween with our players we launched our first ever in-game event. While the event had two parts both with unique rewards, what made this extra special was the fact that it was our first competitive test of the Bounty Campaign feature. This meant that players could finally use Crystals to compete with other players and win unique prizes.


The rewards for this event came in the form of special skins, more excitingly, these skins were saved in the player’s account and carry on over from the alpha to the beta and onwards where they will become blockchain assets.


Check out this video to preview some of the skins that we’ve worked on for Hash Rush:


Note: Not all of these skins were in the Halloween event


Bounty Challenge Tables

The Bounty Challenges excited a large portion of our community we noticed that our players quickly caught the competitive itch. And so, due to heavy demand, we are going to release the top 10 players from each Bounty Challenge.


Check out the highscore tables in this post.


Tales from the Hermeian Galaxy

The Halloween event also brought out the creativity in many of our players, from planetary sculptuing to infographics and some interesting Ernack army formations, check them out here!

  From @PokikoM on Twitter   From CoinDreams on Discord   From dwindlingfiat on Discord   From HashPanda on Discord  

Spooky Social Winners

Alongside the in-game event we also held a Twitter contest and we’re happy to announce the winners now!


  • @cryptof55005904 ‘SpaceDandy’
  • @HashPanda2 ‘HashPanda’
  • @KingSlamma ‘KingSlamma’
  • @j_gonfer ‘Josep Gonzalez’
  • @PokikoM ‘pokiko_mk’

We’ll be in touch with you soon with instructions on how to claim your reward!


Celebrating 100 years of Latvia with Hash Rush

You might already know that Hash Rush is based in Latvia, however, did you know that as a country Latvia is extremely young? In fact, it is so young that this year it will be celebrating it’s 100’s birthday! That’s right, you might know people that are older than Latvia!


To celebrate this occasion we will be starting up a new event in Hash Rush. This new event will take the mechanics of the Halloween event one step further, instead of simply searching for pumpkins, you will need to hunt, and even defend yourself, against a special crystal-corrupted monster.


We’ve prepared a special puzzle for you to complete that should give you a clue as to what creature the crystal corruption has affected


Try the puzzle here.

You can also learn a bit about the history of Latvia here.

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