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Carax, The Conjurer
Wielder of the Braces of Cryptar, Carax can conjure a spiritual manifestation of him to wreak havoc on the battlefield.

In game, Carax's attack speed increase the longer he is in combat, and will surprise his opponent with a special deadly attack.
Farion, The Crystal Shield
Using his trusty Hammer and Shield, Farion will thin the enemy ranks and will hold them back without breaking a sweat.

When in-game, Farion's armor will reduce incoming damage by 20%, and his mighty roar will attract the attention of all monsters in a given area.
Melighar, The Grand Sage
Master of the Arcane arts, Melighar casts destructive spells and aids his magic using counterparts.

In-game, players will be able to take advantage of Melighar's powers as a mage by launching a mighty Fire Blast can disintegrate even the strongest enemy.
The Triumvirate
Having difficulty deciding which hero you want? Or perhaps you simply want all three? The Triumvirate bundle is for you! Get all three heroes at a discount with this bundle.


Gamers and crypto enthusiasts from across the globe will also be able to pick up limited NFTs for Hash Rush - built on the NEAR blockchain, giving them access to unique heroes that will not available anywhere else, and a unique cosmetic skin for the Ernack workers.

After solving the issues in the first launch, we have reached a point where we are satisfied that we can bring the network back online on Tuesday the 21st of September 2021 with a limited number of bundles available for purchase.

IMPORTANT The Founder Bundle NFTs will not be useable in the Hash Rush September 22nd playtest, this is as the September playtest will only make use of the Vorto Network testnet as we need to stress test the game and the blockchain connection before we allow items of real value to be used in-game. We will be holding a further playtest in the near future that makes use of the live network.

Please note that the limited edition Hash Rush bundles & heroes may be purchased on (21st September 2021) and these NFTs will be allocated to the buyer's account & inventory, but can not be fully traded with others until the Vorto Network marketplace is live. This is as we are still working on the trading features of the Vorto Marketplace, including cash-out facilities, however, we will be providing more information and updates in the short term as the development reaches completion.

About the Founder Bundles

There are three individual bundles available to purchase for $25, all featuring a unique hero in the form of an NFT, plus an additional skin. The fourth bundle is a combination bundle and features all three hero NFTs, plus the additional skin and is priced at $60. 

  • The Conjuror’s Bundle: Carex the Conjurer skin + Ursara Ernack worker skin

  • The Grand Sage’s Bundle: Melighar the Grand Sage skin + Ursara Ernack worker skin

  • The Crystal Shield’s Bundle: Farion, The Crystal + Ursara Ernack worker skin

  • The Triumvirate: All three hero NFTs + Ursara Ernack worker skin

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