Bounty campaign available

As Hash Rush launches its Indiegogo campaign, we are inviting you all to take part in our bounty campaign. We’ve allocated 125,000 RUSH Coins to distribute to those who are able to produce high-quality content surrounding the game and our Indiegogo campaign. Participants will be rewarded based upon the depth of the content and its reach to the relevant audiences. There is no limit to the number of publications that one author can submit. However, to be eligible to participate, all authors need to submit their applications by the end of the above countdown. You do not need to apply to be eligible to participate. However, you do need to submit your content for evaluation.


Gold 500- 1000 RUSH
Silver 250- 500 RUSH
Bronze 50- 250 RUSH


Gold 500- 1000 RUSH
Silver 250- 500 RUSH
Bronze 50- 250 RUSH



Up to 1000 RUSH


We’re looking for great content created on YouTube or streamed on Twitch or Mixer. Videos must be at least 3 minutes in length.


To qualify you’ll need to create an article with at least 350 words surrounding Hash Rush and our Indiegogo campaign.


We want to see how creative you can get, so feel free to find interesting ways to promote Hash Rush and the Indiegogo Campaign for bespoke rewards of up to 1000 RUSH

Entry Qualifications


  • Duplicate content will lead to disqualification from the bounty campaign
  • Videos/articles with fake views will be disqualified
  • Negative comments and use of offensive terms/language will be disqualified.


Can I create content in languages other than English/Japanese?

Blogs/videos in languages other than English may also be accepted (at the sole discretion of Hash Rush).

When will I recieve the payment for completing the bounty campaign?

All bounty payments will be sent on 10th december 2018.

Which exchanges will RUSH be listed on?

We understand you’re eager to know which exchanges we’ll be listed on, we are in the process of finalising negotiations and as such will announce this shortly.

Can I join the bounty campaign at any time?

Yes, you may join the bounty campaign anytime you want.

Can I reserve a language to translate the whitepaper as part of the Bounty Campaign?

Unfortunately, we are not looking for any whitepaper translations during this bounty campaign

Do bounty participants have to complete a KYC process?

At this current time, no KYC process is required.

Who can I contact if I have a problem or a question?

If you need help or have some questions, either contact us over the support system on our website or send a mail to [email protected]

How can I see how many RUSH Coin I've earned through my contributions?

The bounty campaign contribution table will be updated every Friday and you can see how much your entries have earned there.

What are the key dates for this bounty campaign (start, duration and end)?

The bounty campaign will:
Last for 2 months
Start on the 03 of September
End on the 01st of November

What are the contract details for RUSH?

Contract details are not deployed as of yet, once they are – we will update this accordingly

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