OpenSea Partnership and NFTs
Hash Rush Partnership with OpenSea Today we are pleased to announce our partnership with OpenSea, the world’s largest digital marketplace for crypto collectables.   By partnering with OpenSea our players will be able to trade Hash Rush cards outside of the game, and in a safe and trusted environment.   If you need a recap...
Hash Rush Development Update
Welcome to the first edition of the Hash Rush development update. We are going to round up all of the news from the last week, along with giving you an insight into how the development of Hash Rush has been going.   So without further ado, let’s begin!   News Roundup The two main talking...
Announcement for WeStart Participants
At the start of our RUSH Coin ICO, Hash Rush partnered up with WeStart to provide our investors with a simple way to get in on the RUSH Coin token sale.   WeStart had a different schedule and so we are announcing how we are going forward from today.     The whitelisting period for...
Hash Rush Update v204 — Troggs, Ore and More!
The latest update to Hash Rush is out, and boy was it a big one! If you are interested in the full patch notes, you can find them here.   This article will go over the main changes and additions to the game!     Hash Rush is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Click...
Crowdfunding Hash Rush on Indiegogo
Hash Rush, the first Real Time Strategy game to be built using blockchain to power the in-game items and economy is now live on Indiegogo.   Why Indiegogo? Last Monday we launched our Kickstarter campaign, however, it came to an abrupt end as it was suspended for reasons beyond our control.   However, this wasn’t...
Delaying the Hash Rush Beta
Today, we are announcing that the start of the Hash Rush beta will be delayed to December 2018. We know that you will be disappointed as there has been a lot of excitement around Hash Rush and finally experiencing how blockchain technologies can interact with an RTS game, so we will give you a bit...
Hash Rush Trip Report: Tokyo Game Show
We have just returned home after a great time in Japan showing off Hash Rush at the crazy, loud, colourful madness that is Tokyo Game Show.   Around 300,000 visitors (almost 50,000 more than last year!) attended what is the largest gaming event in Japan, and together with over 660 other exhibitors a small team...
The RUSH Coin Token Sale is Live
This is a very exciting month for us here at Hash Rush! We visited the Blockchain Gamer Connects in Helsinki to engage with our fans and had a blast! The crowd was amazing and the interest in the game was just overwhelming, especially considering that the beta is only coming out on the September 28!...
Earn up to 1000 RUSH in our Bounty Campaign!
We’re excited to announce that our bounty campaign is now live. We’re offering YOU an opportunity to receive the recognition that YOU deserve in the world of crypto!   We’ll be compensating successful quality participation in our bounty campaign, where you will help us — to raise awareness; unite crypto-game enthusiasts, and to most importantly — grow our community...
Don’t miss out on your exclusive Hash Rush Starter Pack.
As many of you will be aware, we’re currently just a week away from the launch of our RUSH Coin Token pre-sale. All those participating in the pre-sale and who are whitelisted before September 11th will receive a pre-sale token bonus ranging from 10% — 30%.   However, these pre-sale bonuses aren’t the only bonuses available to contributors during our RUSH...
2 hours ago
When gathering resources, it's best to split your workers up, so they gather multiple resources at once! 💡

#hashrush #tip #multitasking https://t.co/z8xtBssTVB
PlayHashRush photo
1 day ago
Hmm... That's an interesting trio...

Wonder what they're up to?

#hashrush #secret #meeting https://t.co/OT4uLViOyZ
PlayHashRush photo
1 day ago
Starting off the week with some hard wood-chopping labor. ⛏

You go little ones, I need those materials!

#hashrush #wood #resources https://t.co/DKlVNljbZj
PlayHashRush photo
2 days ago
Is it a bird?
Is it a plane?

No, it's a flock of Ernacks flying to... Wait... Who taught them how to fly?? 😮

#hashrush #fly #bird #plane https://t.co/zSJetpa1KL
PlayHashRush photo
2 days ago
The Crypto Storm mutated the Hash Rush fauna, resulting in a variety of fantastic plants! 🌼

#hashrush #storm #crypto #plant https://t.co/knolZH668L
PlayHashRush photo
3 days ago
Archer units are great for when you don't want to approach your enemy! 🏹

#hashrush #archery #combat https://t.co/R6XDKc0Jv2
PlayHashRush photo
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