Hash Rush is Coming to an Event Near You!
And we’re excited to have you play our alpha build! So the coming months are lining up to be a busy time for Hash Rush. We’ve had a phenomenal response to our alpha sign-ups and we’ve even had to increase our player limit from 1000 to 2000 to meet demand! So, if you were hoping...

23 hours ago
As many of you will already know, we successfully launched our Alpha on the 31st of July. However, we’re now happy to announce that we will be running a RUSH Coin Token Sale in September.

Learn More > https://t.co/iJYgvgSIxK https://t.co/w20RJqhQXw

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1 week ago
In case you missed it, here’s our most recent Founder’s Update! We cover the launch of alpha, our new website, a look at combat mechanics, and of course the announcement of our $30,000 player reward pool in the upcoming beta!

2 weeks ago
We are proud to announce the release of a new #website for Hash Rush that is packed with new features and information about the game!

Check us out at https://t.co/roudoopA7y

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2 weeks ago
Are you wondering if mounted units will play a role in Hash Rush?
Well, wonder no more! Presenting the Raken Lancers.

What role do you think these units will play?

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2 weeks ago
The Hash Rush alpha is live, and we are super excited to let you all play the game!

#hashrush #games #cryptogame #indiegame #blockchaingame https://t.co/63ZjtHK1W6

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