It’s time for another Lore Spotlight, where we take a look at the Hash Rush lore.


In our last Lore Spotlight, we looked at the Rakken and their long history with the Ernacks. For this edition we are going to look at the other side; the side of the Crystal Scourge and the monstrous creature at the heart of it all, known as the Crystal Titan.


Origin of the Titan

As the Crystal Storm struck the Hermeian Galaxy, countless crystals of infinite shapes and sizes rained down on the planets and instantly begun corrupting and destroying all life.


Of these crystals, the most dangerous were the Crystal Seeds. They quickly drilled their way deep into their host planet’s crust, and once underground linked together forming a hive mind that controlled the Crystal Scourge. The deepest of the seeds then sent out a signal, pulling the others to its position. Over time, the Crystal Seeds would meet and fused together, creating a single entity, the giant hunchbacked Crystal Titan.


The Crystal Titan remains underground, controlling the Crystal Scourge as it wreaks havoc on the host planet. However, it is constantly aware of the developments on the surface world, and if a threat to the Crystal Scourge is detected, it will act.


Not only will the Titan begin spawning monsters to protect its work, but it will begin the creation of new beasts. It will take the best of its existing forces, mutate and merge them together, forming new, more powerful creatures that are then sent to terrorize the surface world.


Ultimately, if the warriors of the surface world are powerful enough to defeat the hordes of crystal monsters spawned by the Titan, the Titan will make its way to the surface to deal with the threat itself. At this stage, only the bravest and most powerful beings have been known to survive.