The Hash Rush lore spotlight article series is back, join us as we explore the story and lore of Hash Rush.


In the last article of this series, we explored the Crystal Titan and how it came to be. That set us up nicely for this week’s topic, the root of everything, the Crypto Crystal Storm.



The Crypto Crystal Storm was a galaxy-wide catastrophe that affected every being that lived in the Hermeian Galaxy. Civilisations were destroyed, powers and abilities were diminished, intelligent beings were mutated beyond recognition, and a new invasive and aggressive species begun wreaking havoc on the planets.



What caused the Crypto Crystal Storm and where it originated from remains shourded in mystery, but from what the remaining civilizations pieced together, the storm originated from the unknown parts of space — the Void.


The Void is home to many dark and wicked beings that once ruled the Hermeian Galaxy. By using fear and terror to subjugate the civilizations, for a time their rule was absolute. But oppression only works for so long and in the end the Celestial Gods — children of the Goddess Arcana — combined forces to banish the old ones into the void.


As a reward for helping to free the Hermeian Galaxy, Arcana gave each of her children a sector of the galaxy to rule. A galactic peace that lasted for aeons ensured; until the Crypto Crystal Storm arrived.


Silently erupting from the Void, solid crystals, massive in size, quickly travelled through the Hermeian Galaxy and took the inhabitants entirely by surprise as they came crashing down on their planets.


The storm caused galaxy wide destruction, and for those that survived the ordeal, the problems had only begun. Once embedded in the planet’s crust, the crystals quickly began the process of corrupting life on their host planets.



The enlightened race called the Trinell underwent a hideous de-evolution, causing their race to almost go extinct.


The proud race of Rustarian humans were hit with a giant solar flare that reduced their rich planet to a scorched wasteland.


The highborn of Eldaria — an ancient race of elves — rapidly lost their youth and started to turn to dust.


Though they all suffered through trials and tribulations, these races were lucky as they were some of the few that managed to survive. Other species were not as lucky and either died out entirely or were mutated far beyond recognition.