We’re back with another spotlight on the Hash Rush lore. Previously we had explored some of the creatures that inhabit the Hermian galaxy, from the noble Rakken to the malevolent Crystal Titan.


For this edition, we are going to take a long overdue look at one of the future playable factions in Hash Rush, the Marauders.


So without further ado, let’s begin!


Before the Crystal Storm brought death and chaos to the Hermeain Galaxy, the Marauders were, in fact, a faction of a race of humans that inhabited the planet Rustaria. All through the Hermeain Galaxy, the humans of Rustaria were known as great traders and the other races of the galaxy would flock to them for resources, treaties, and aid whenever needed.


However, their days of trading came to a sudden end when the Crystal Storm struck. The storm triggered a cataclysmic solar flare that scorched the face of Rustaria and every nearby planet. Desperate to survive, the Rustarians reached out to their allies for help, but their cries for help went unanswered and they were left to fend for themselves. Not knowing that the Crystal Storm had devastated the entire Hermeian Galaxy, the survivors grew bitter towards the other races and retreated underground. They began to carve out a new existence, one that was harsh and bent on revenge.


Rick Everrusty, son of one of the great traders of old, quickly became the leader of the Rustarian remnant. It was he who discovered that the crystals left behind by the storm were a viable power source, one strong enough to power what was left of their machinery. Emboldened by their new source of power, the Rustarian remnant took to the stars once again, but this time under the banner of the Marauders, and this time, they were looking for revenge against their former allies who abandoned them in their greatest time of need.


As the Marauders are a playable race, we have a small sneak preview of what they will be like when you play them.


The Marauders are the opposite of the Ernacks. While the Ernacks rely on the power of nature and large armies, the Marauders rely on the power of machinery, automation, and powerful units that can be trusted to handle tasks on their own.


Due to this, if you are a player that enjoys micromanaging smaller armies that are able to hold their ground well, the Marauders are for you.


We have two previews of units for you to see, the sniper and the steelgunner.