This week’s Lore Spotlight article is ready, bringing you an insight into the lore found in Hash Rush and the Hermeian Galaxy.


Last week we finally introduced another (future) playable race, the Marauders, who originate from the planet Rustaria. With their planet decimated by a giant solar flare, triggered by the Crystal Storm, the Rustarians called their allies for help, but no one responded. How did the Rustarians react to being abandoned? And were they always hell-bent on revenge? Learn more in last weeks Lore Spotlight!


For this edition, we are going to properly introduce the third playable race in Hash Rush, the Highborn of Eldaria.


So without further ado, let’s begin!

Living in the Eldarian sector of the Hermeian Galaxy this breed of ancient elves were renowned for their vast knowledge of the arcane arts.


Before the Crypto Storm, the Highborn Elves were one of the most reclusive races in the Hermeian Galaxy. Lead by the Highborn Court of Elders, and choosing to live in isolation, their secretive ways, knowledge of the arcane arts, and natural long life were legendary among the other races.


However, of all magic that were at their disposal, the Court of Elders forbade the Highborn Elves from dabbling in alchemy to increase their lifespan, instead, the Elders advised their nation to turn to prayer as they aged. Those that disobeyed the Court of Elders were exiled and shunned, one notable sorceress was Madame Violet.

After the Crypto Storm, the Highborn discovered that the Crypto Crystals were a potent source of power and used them to enhance their own abilities. With this newfound power came a change in their behavior as they used it to assume control over all others in the Eldarian sector.


But this had catastrophic consequences; the power that the Highborn gained caused their ecosystem to change rapidly, and for the worse. Trees mutated and began to produce a glowing sap that plagued wildlife and emitted a scent that caused the elves themselves to rapidly wither.


In this time of disarray, the exiled sorceress Madame Violet discovered a temporary cure for this withering effect and used it as leverage to gain sway over the rest of the Highborn. Now Madame Violet uses any means necessary to maintain her position and power.

Like with the Marauders, as the Highborn are going to be a playable race in Hash Rush, we want to give you a sneak preview of some early concepts for a unit and a building.


Please note, these concepts are heavily in development and as such may be changed or removed before the faction is released.


First up we have the Deer mount. Much like the relationship between the Raken and the Ernacks, the Deer maintain a friendly relationship with the Highborn and serve them willingly as friends.


Next up we have a building with a darker purpose. In our lore text we mentioned how the Highborn would use Crypto Crystals to increase their power, but how exactly do they acquire the crystals?


One way is through ripping the Crystals out of the beasts that inhabit the Eldarian planets.

The Highborn would hunt the beasts, capture them, then throw them in a special cage. Once in the force field protected cage, they would start a long and painful process to extract the crystals out of the beasts.