Learn about RUSH COIN!

RUSH Coin is one of the first tokens to be used as an in-game currency, meaning that what was once simply ‘gold’ or ‘credits’ in traditional games is now an ERC-20 token with a real world value.


When you earn RUSH, trade resources, complete quests, craft and sell NFTs or any other actions involving RUSH Coin, you know that your in-game actions reward you with something that has actual value.


Ticker RUSH
Address 0xcFCd43D7eE21416a71c2EB9888587D52716Fc77a
Decimals 8
MAX RUSH supply 10,000,000

Hash Rush and Blockchain

Earn money while playing a video game.

Hash Rush unites the worlds of cryptocurrency and real-time strategy gaming. For the first time ever, this combination allows gamers to compete for cryptocurrency and other rewards.

Bounty Campaigns

Bounty Campaigns are the competitive in-game events that allow our players to win skins, in-game items and mainstream cryptocurrency.

The objective of a Bounty Campaign is to mine as many Crystals as possible from their planet and then submit these Crystals to the active Bounty Challenge. Once the Bounty Campaign has ended a high-score table is created that ranks every entrant on how many Crystals have been submitted. Prizes are then distributed based on the player’s ranking.

Non-fungible tokens

Hash Rush makes use of ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for its in-game items. By adopting this token standard, we are providing players with full ownership of their items, which they can do with as they please. NFTs allow in-game items to be collected, crafted, traded on third-party marketplaces, as well as used in other blockchain games and products.


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RUSH Network

RUSH Network is the second-layer blockchain technology upon which many of Hash Rush’s in-game features are built. It is a decentralised, high-performance and EVM-compatible sidechain.

Utility of RUSH

The primary functions that RUSH will provide are:


1. RUSH Coin is the Hash Rush in-game currency

What was once simply ‘gold’ or ‘credits’ in traditional games is now an ERC-20 token with a real-world value.


2. Trade in-game assets on third-party marketplaces

When Hash Rush launches, our partners at OPSkins will allow buying and selling of our game assets using RUSH Coin on their platform.


3. In-game P2P trading on the Hash Rush marketplace

Whenever you trade with another player in Hash Rush, RUSH Coin will be the currency that will be used.


4. P2P transfers via RUSH Network

Thanks to the RUSH Network, our players can pay for all transaction fees in RUSH Coin.


5. Purchase premium features from VZ Games

The in-game shop will offer numerous, well-balanced premium items, all purchasable with RUSH Coin.


Storing RUSH Coin

As RUSH Coin is an ERC-20 token, holding RUSH could not be easier! All you need is a trustworthy Ethereum wallet that supports the ERC-20 standard and you’re ready to go!

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet a mobile ethereum wallet which works with any ERC20, ERC223 and ERC721 tokens. This means that the current RUSH Coin (an ERC-20 token) and future Hash Rush NFTs (ERC-721) are compatible with Trust Wallet.

MEW (MyEtherWallet)

Using MyEtherWallet – now known as MEW – is the most common way to create an Ethereum wallet. It supports the ERC-20 standard, so you can store your RUSH Coin without any problems.


MetaMask is a wallet that is downloaded as an extension on Chrome, Firefox and Brave browsers. It’s also a browser extension, meaning that it works like a bridge linking normal browsers to the Ethereum blockchain.


Ultimately, any Etherum wallet that supports ERC-20 will also support RUSH Coin. However, we always recommend that you use a wallet where you – the owner – is in control of the private keys.

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