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For help on how to download Hash Rush please read the points below. Otheriwse please check the FAQs if you have a question about the game as we list the most common questions and answers there.

Downloading Hash Rush

In order to download Hash Rush so that you can play the game, please follow these steps:

  • First register an account with us here. Please make sure to use an email address that you can access.
  • Check your email for a verification mail from us as you will need to verify your account before you can play the game.
  • Return to our website and navigate to the profile page, the alpha client is located there.
  • Once you have downloaded the client, move it to the folder that you wish to install the game to, then run Hashrush.exe. This will start the installation process and install the game in the directory that the exe file is located in.

Check out our support knowledge base to see if your support request can be answered from our database.

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How do I play Hash Rush?

You start off on a planet as the leader of a mining colony and it will be your task to build and develop your mining colony whilst completing both single player objectives and faction goals.


Some of the objectives and goals that you can work your way through include fending off dangerous wildlife, defending against raiding parties, environmental threats and much more.

What are RUSH Coin tokens?

RUSH Coin (RUSH) is an Ethereum token which complies with the ERC-20 standard. It is the primary in-game currency and will also be tradable on exchanges in the future.

Will the factions have any unique features?

Each faction will not only look totally different, but they will also come with unique structures, buffs and bonuses, all of which will make the gameplay different between each faction.

What are the different playable factions?

There will be three playable Factions in Hash Rush:


  • The Ernacks, a race of small, cloaked miners
  • The Marauders are a  band of space pirates who specialise in scavenging and raiding
  • The Highborn of Eldaria, a noble race of elven magic users
Which languages are you localising the game into?

We will be launching in English, and are also releasing localized version of Hash Rush in Japanese and Korean. Additional languages will be announced as we expand into other regions.

Does Hash Rush use the player's PC/GPU to mine cryptocurrency?

No, Hash Rush doesn’t use the player's PC/GPU to mine cryptocurrency. All reward pool payouts are provided via our own dedicated mining farm.

How much cryptocurrency/blockchain knowledge is required before playing?

None at all!


Since day one, VZ Games have designed Hash Rush to be approachable by total newcomers to the crypto space. It is first and foremost an RTS, and we are designing the game to be the perfect onramp into the world of cryptocurrency. Essential blockchain concepts such as mining, staking, and item tokenization will all explained to the player as they progress.

What engine is the game built on?

Hash Rush is being developed in Unity. We are also using some bespoke blockchain technology being developed in-house by VZ Chains.

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