The Ernacks


The Ernacks


The Ernacks – as they are called now – were once known as the Trinell, one of the kindest and wisest races that ever existed in the galaxy. But after the great Crypto Storm devastated their homeworld, the Trinell were morphed into lesser beings and forgotten. Only a handful survived, one of them vowing to rid the galaxy of the Crystal scourge that infected its planets. He is called the Traveller and he is guiding the Ernacks on their quest to extract these Crystals and restore the Trinell to their former glory.


Although small in stature, the Ernacks are one of the hardiest factions in the Hermeian galaxy. They possess keen knowledge about mining the Crystals that have crashed on their planets.

The Ernack Units and Buildings


The Units

The Tyro is the most basic combat unit that the Ernacks can train, and will attack with Blunt damage.

The Warrior attacks with Slashing damage and is the backbone of all Ernack armies.

Don’t under estimate the Slingshooter, the projectiles that it fires will hurt any opponent with Blunt damage.

The Archer attacks with piercing damage and has a higher chance to cause critical hits.

The Healer makes use of magical powers to heal allied units.

The Raken Lancer will charge into battle causing Piercing damage and has a higher chance to cause critical hits.

The Raken Archers make use of their mounts to run in and out of battle, while shooting Peircing arrows at their targets, and has a higher chance to cause critical hits.

The Trogg is a living Siege weapon capable to destroying buildings with ease.

The Trogg Slinger is a moving Siege weapon that makes use of projectiles to bring buildings down.

The Buildings



The Voyager’s Bastion is the headquarters of your colony.

The Blacksmith is used to forge Ingots out of your raw ore.

Increase your population limit by buildings huts.

Drive away the Crystal Fog by building Light Poles.

These buildings will increase your resource storage capacity.

Train your combat units in the Barracks

Use the Trogg Pit to train powerful siege units.

The Brewary is used provide the materials for the Apothecary.

The sawmill will take your wooden logs and craft planks for your advanced buildings.

Your workers will use the Stonemason to craft stone blocks out of your rough stone.

Construct the Crystal Mine on the special crystal nodes to begin extracting crystals from the planet.

The Silo will increase the amount of Crystals that you can store.

The Apothecary trains your healers that will help you control the Troggs.

Build the Stables and train the mighty Raken mounted units!

The Watchtower will lift the Crystal Fog and defend the area using its deadly ballista!

The History of the Ernacks

A great tragedy has befallen the Hermeian galaxy. An unstoppable cryptostorm has destroyed the once proud Trinell race and subjected them to a hideous de-evolution. From the ashes of the ruined civilisation, comes hope in the form of The Traveller. Join him and the many others marooned across the galaxy as you guide the Ernacks as they collect the Crypto Crystals that infest their worlds.


Faction Traits



Master Miners. Of all the races in the Hermian Galaxy, no other race can handle the raw energy of the Crystals better than the Ernacks. Using their trusty pickaxes, the Ernacks can mine Crystals much more efficently than the other races.



Domesticators. The Ernacks are able to call upon nature to aid them. Craetures that have not been corrupted by the Crystal Scourge will help the Ernacks in their endevours. This alliance has already lead to the training of mounted Racken Lancers and Archers, with more to come soon!



Strength in Numbers. While not physically intimidating, by being small and efficient, the Ernacks are able to quickly muster large numbers to overcome any foe.

Ernack Skins


Players can customize what their Ernacks look like by activating special skins that are either won in special events or purchased from our marketplace. The skins are distributed as cards that make use of the ERC721 standard, you can learn more about them here.


Here you can see all of the avaliable skins and what they will look like.


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